Album cover for CONDITIONS : 1218​-​0719
Album cover for CONDITIONS : 1218​-​0719

CONDITIONS : 1218-0719 by MÆKUR


A collaborative sound project from Maia Urstad, Eva Rowson and Anton Kats

CONDITIONS : 1218-0719 is a the collaborative project by of Maia Urstad, Eva Rowson and Anton Kats (MÆKUR). The release includes recordings from Blind Veterans UK Amateur Radio Society, Bergen Kringkaster (Bergen Broadcasting Association) and the Deutsche Welle radio archive, as well as improvisations recorded during residencies at Lighthouse and Bergen Kunsthall (Norway) in the past two years.

The collective synthesizes artistic, sonic, radiophonic and curatorial practices to research and respond to communication technologies, amateur radio networks, archival practices and ways of listening. As new technological forms open up and others become obsolete, MÆKUR are interested in how methods of self-organising, listening and transmitting as well as the sounds of the technology itself — its errors, interruptions and signals — also evolve. At the core of the MÆKUR collaboration is the ongoing archive, to gather and emphasise multiple soundings of technical development and the different communities that form around it.

The release is available now as a digital download and limited edition vinyl release at the Sonic Acts and MÆKUR Bandcamp pages.

For more insight into the MÆKUR collaboration and the artists involved, listen to ‘Send and Receive’: a podcast with Maia Urstad, Eva Rowson and Anton Kats in which they discuss their different ways of working with radio as tools for communication, programming and listening.

CONDITIONS : 1218-0719 is a collaborative release co-produced by Bergen Kunsthall (Norway), Lighthouse (United Kingdom), Sonic Acts and Paradiso (Netherlands). Part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.



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