Claire Hooper, Eris, 2011
Claire Hooper, Eris, 2011


18 November 2011 – 8 January 2012

Reality and fiction collide in this stunning new film, commissioned by Lighthouse, Picture This and Film London

Earlier this year award-winning artist Claire Hooper was selected for the Sea-change commission by Lighthouse, Picture This and Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network. Since then she has gone on to complete her new film Eris. We are delighted that Eris is being shown at MUMOK, Vienna, and will be followed by an exhibition at Picture This in Bristol in 2012.

Claire Hooper, Eris, 2011
Claire Hooper, Eris, 2011

Hooper’s visually stunning films interweave narratives from the present with characters and concepts from Greek mythology. These become elements of a kaleidoscopic mélange of reality and fiction, where history and contemporary reality become intertwined. In her work, deeply personal stories of family and loss, meet the universal themes of mythology, and the visual stylings of popular culture, resulting in startlingly original cinematic narratives.

Hooper’s new film takes it’s name from the Greek goddess of strife and discord – Eris. Based on the real life story of Danielle Marie Shillingford – who also plays the title character – this deeply moving, often disturbing film depicts a mother’s frustration and sadness at losing her children. After falling pregnant at 15, Shillingford’s first son was listed as ‘at risk’ by the social services before he was born. Her battle for the custody of her children is the central motif of Eris.

The pace, narrative structure and atmosphere of the film is influenced by the genre of the R&B music video. Rising grime MC star, Lioness, performs the songs of Eris, creating a narrative soundtrack that echoes the way a heroes stories are sung in the Greek epics of antiquity.

Eris is the latest of a series of works in which invokes Greek mythology to explore highly personal stories. Together with Nyx (2010) and Aoide (2011) it forms a trilogy.

About the Artist
Claire Hooper (born 1978) is an artist and filmmaker from London. She is the 2010 winner of the 2010 Baloise Art Prize, and was nominated for the 2011 Jarman Award. This year she has had solo shows at Lothringer 13 in Munich and MUMOK in Vienna. Her work has been screened and exhibited at national and international venues including the Serpentine Gallery, the ICA, Jerwood Space, Art Basel and IT Park Gallery, Taiwan.
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Exhibition Details

18 November 2011 – 8 January 2012
Monday: 2.00 p.m.–7.00 p.m.

Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 a.m.–7.00 p.m.
Thursday: 10.00 a.m.–9.00 p.m.

Picture This
2012 (Dates to be included)

Eris was commissioned by Lighthouse, Picture This and Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network



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