Jeff Keen - Blatz
Jeff Keen - Blatz



Our programme for Cinecity this year includes a diverse range of opportunities to get involved with and see some excellent work.

The programme included work by the category defying experimental artist filmmaker Jeff Keen, with two screenings of his video work. We had the second of our sell-out seminars on live streaming for the cultural sector, Streaming Out. And we also hosted an UnderWire Women's Film Short Film Festival networking and screening event.

Jeff Keen - Blatzom
Jeff Keen - Blatzom

To coincide with Cinecity and with the retrospective of Jeff Keen’s work at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Shoot the Wrx, Lighthouse showed two programmes of Keen’s experimental videos. The screenings were curated by Keen’s long time collaborator, Damian Toal, who introduced the screenings, and spoke to us about Keen’s approach to making work. The two programmes focused on different aspects of Keen’s production – his playful approach to media was revealed in Herald of the Message, and in Hero / Anti-Hero, we saw Keen’s exploration of basic human drives and passions through the use of characters.

In our second Streaming Out seminar, we invited key professionals from the cultural sector who are skilled and experienced in streaming digital media. The event include a series of presentations and a technical walk through. Speakers included: Lynn Goleby, Managing Director of Picturehouse Cinemas; Joe Coyne, Managing Director of FatSand Productions; Dominic Smith, Digital Media Projects Manager at Tyneside Cinema; and Fintan Gillespie, Industry Manager at Google.

UnderWire Festival is came to Brighton, and proved to be an excellent opportunity to network, present work and to see films from the 2011 Festival winners. The only short film festival dedicated to showcasing the raw cinematic talents of women, this special UnderWire event gave filmmakers a chance to talk, discuss work-in-progress and meet potential collaborators.

This programme was part of Cinecity, Brighton Film Festival 2012.

For details:

21/11/12: Streaming Out for Digital Audiences
27/11/12: UnderWire networking and screening event
28/11/12: Hero / Anti-Hero – Jeff Keen
29/11/12: Herald of the Message – Jeff Keen




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