Image courtesy of Toby Lewis Thomas
Image courtesy of Toby Lewis Thomas

BRIGHTON PHOTO BIENNIAL - Make Your Own Zine Workshop

13 October 2012


A workshop for 16 – 19 year olds on making your own zine. Working with Brighton Photo Biennial commissioned artist Adam Murray of Preston is My Paris. This workshop offered an excellent opportunity to get some knowledge and tips on how to creatively put together an indie zine.

Adam Murray ran through the steps on how to create your own self-published zines and photobooks. All that is need to take part is a digital camera or camera-phone, and a bit of imagination.
About Adam Murray and Preston is My Paris
Working with a group of photographers, Adam Murray of Preston is My Paris has created Four Versions of Three Routes, a route of 40 posters across Brighton and Hove. The routes can be found in a specially produced pamphlet available at all BPB12 venues or downloaded from the BPB12 website

Preston is my Paris was originally started by Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson in July 2009 in order to encourage the exploration of Preston as a subject for creative practice and to generally focus more attention on the city. What originally started as a free zine and blog has developed into a multi-faceted project that includes exhibitions, digital applications and live events. Alongside this Preston is my Paris Publishing has been set up to produce limited edition, affordable, photography publications that although not explicitly focused on Preston, share themes of the project. For further information:

About Brighton Photo Biennial

Geographies of Seeing is part of Brighton Photo Biennial 2012. This year the Biennial brings a host of emerging and internationally acclaimed photographers and artists to the city. It is curated and produced by Photoworks, the UK’s leading visual arts agency for photography. It features work by Edmund Clark, Omer Fast, Julian Germain, Jason Larkin, Corinne Silva, Thomson and Craighead and more.

Brighton Photo Biennial 2012 examines a wide range of photographic practices and will reflect on The Politics of Space. It looks at how space is constructed, controlled and contested, how photography is implicated in these processes, and the tensions and possibilities this dialogue involves. It provides a critical space to think about relationships between the political occupation of physical sites and the production and dissemination of images.

Responding to recent efforts to politically re-imagine urban space through social and civic uses, Brighton Photo Biennial 2012 presents photography and imagery generated by professional photographers and the public at large; grassroots activism and media spectacle; established names and recent finds; contemporary work and older photographic practices. At the core of the biennial is a concern with the possibilities of photography as both a tool and a process: a means of understanding the world, and an active force in shaping it.

Dates: 13 October 2012

Times: 12-4pm

Free, but with limited availability, booking advised:

Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington St, Brighton, BN1 4AJ




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