Holly Herndon, appearing at this year's Improving Reality.
Holly Herndon, appearing at this year's Improving Reality.


1 - 28 SEPTEMBER 2014


Lighthouse is pleased to take part in Brighton Digital Festival 2014, a month-long exploration of digital culture with exhibitions, conferences, events, performances, workshops and outdoor events.

Chris Watson. Photo credit: Kate Humble
Chris Watson. Photo credit: Kate Humble

Brighton Digital Festival is a community-driven grassroots festival celebrating digital arts and culture. Held throughout September in Brighton, BDF supports an expansive and diverse programme, independently organised by a diverse range of designers, tech companies, community groups, arts organisations and individuals who are passionate about Brighton’s digital culture.

Lighthouse’s programme for Brighton Digital Festival 2014 is centred around two major events; Newstweek – Fact Fixing Bureau, a new exhibition by Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev; and Improving Reality, a one-day conference that brings together an international community of artists, thinkers and makers to share and experience groundbreaking art and ideas of the present.

Newstweek – Fact Fixing Bureau by Prix Ars Electronica Award winning artists Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev, will transform Lighthouse with a simulated news bureau that invites visitors to enter the subversive world of critical engineering and set their own news agendas.

Improving Reality: Visibility is a Trap returns for a fourth edition this year with the theme Visibility is a Trap. It is a visceral response to the tension between the tendency to share our lives in public, and our desire for more privacy. With acclaimed international speakers and performers the event addresses the coming of immediacy, the aesthetics of disappearance and the performance of visibility. This year Improving Reality places a greater emphasis on experiencing artistic work and includes electronic music from composer and sound artist Holly Herndon and the screening of a new moving image artwork by Design Studio Metahaven. They will be joined by Professor of Media Arts John Armitage, artist Jananne Al-Ani, writer, editor and film curator Basia Cummings, New York-based Social Media Theorist, Nathan Jurgenson, Founding Director of Edgeryders Nadia El-Imam and groundbreaking artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan.

We’re also pleased to be supporting a series of workshops, presentations, hack days, performance and learning events for the festival. Lighthouse Studio our new interdisciplinary programme is supporting new work for Brighton Digital Festival – Laser Light Synths by Seb Lee-Delisle, and Undercurrent, a Brighton Digital Festival Arts and Technology commission by designer Coralie Gourguechon in collaboration with artist/technologist Natalie Kane. Meanwhile, technologist and former studio resident Philo van Kemenade leads Popathon Hack Jam, an immersive workshop for artists, filmmakers and technologists to explore new practices in web-based storytelling.

More events to be announced in the coming weeks.


3 September – Newstweek – Fact Fixing Bureau

4 September – Improving Reality: Visibility is a Trap

10 September – Nimbus by The Nimbus Group

12 & 13 September – Popathon Hack Jam

15 September – reFRAMED

26 September – SprungDigi Dares You!

Dates: 1 – 28 September
For specific times and booking details, please visit the event page

Brighton Digital Festival is a month long celebration of digital culture. It is run by members of Brighton’s arts and digital communities and supported by Arts Council England and Brighton & Hove City Council.




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