Wireless in the World (2010) by Timo Arnall
Wireless in the World (2010) by Timo Arnall


1-30 SEPTEMBER 2013


Lighthouse were pleased to take part in Brighton Digital Festival 2013, a whole month of exhibitions, performances, meet-ups, workshops and outdoor events that ran alongside Brighton’s iconic digital design conferences.

Tiny Games, from Hide and Seek, part of Brighton Digital Festival 2013.
Tiny Games, from Hide and Seek, part of Brighton Digital Festival 2013.

Brighton Digital Festival builds bridges between Brighton’s thriving digital creative industries and Brighton’s equally vibrant arts community. It includes events organised by a diverse range of designers, tech companies, community groups, arts organisations and individuals who are passionate about Brighton’s digital culture.

Lighthouse’s programme for Brighton Digital Festival 2013 included major international artists such as Timo Arnall and Hide&Seek, experimental artists such as Kate Rich and Daisy Ginsberg, writers and technologists such as Jeff Noon and Tom Armitage, critics and thinkers such as Keller Easterling, Justin Pickard and Paul Graham Raven, and a film programme, featuring Charlie Brooker, which showed how technology is transforming cinema.

One of the central themes running through the programme was how digital networks can be made visible, physical and tangible in the real world. This was expressed through a major new exhibition by leading digital designer and filmmaker, Timo Arnall, a series of outdoor games by Hide&Seek which culminated in a late-night event at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, and our flagship conference Improving Reality. This inspiring day of talks showed how artists, designers, writers and technologists – including Paula Le Dieu, Tobias Revell and Frank Swain – are changing our perceptions of reality.

We also explored how digital technology is opening up new opportunities for telling stories, building story-worlds and enhancing the narrative of cinema beyond the screen in our film programme which included the opportunity to see two episodes of the acclaimed television series, Black Mirror, introduced by it’s creator, Charlie Brooker. We also delved more deeply into this territory in an exciting film industry event, reFramed: The Great Storyscape, which brought some of the most innovative makers in film and technology together for two days of talks, screenings and workshops.

01-30.09.13 – Tiny Games – games across Brighton

03.09.13 – Dial M For Murder – screening & discussion

05.09.13-13.10.13 – Immaterials by Timo Arnall – exhibition

05.09.13 – Improving Reaility 2013 – conference

10.09.13 – Short Circuit – showcase

10.09.13 – Side By Side – screening

12.09.13 – Black Mirror with Charlie Brooker screening and Q&A

14.09.13 – Game Jam – workshop and showcase

18-22.09.13 – Cube Cola Trading Post – workshop

26.09.13 – Digital Late

26-27.09.13 – reFramed – The Great Storyscape – talks / screening / workshop

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Brighton Digital Festival 2013 are collecting audience responses to all festival events through an online survey. All completed surveys will be entered in to a prize draw to win a membership for 2 at The Duke of York’s Cinema, Brighton. Click here to take the survey.

Brighton Digital Festival 2013. It is run by members of Brighton’s arts and digital communities, administered by Wired Sussex in association with Lighthouse and supported by Arts Council England. and Brighton & Hove City Council.

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