Belongings by John-Paul Marin, Matt Smith, Tea Uglow, Kirstin Sillitoe.
Belongings by John-Paul Marin, Matt Smith, Tea Uglow, Kirstin Sillitoe.

Alternate Realities

Selected works from the Sheffield Doc/Fest programme, presented as part of Brighton Digital Festival 2018

22-30 SEPTEMBER, 11am-6pm


For the 2018 Brighton Digital Festival, Lighthouse is presenting selected works from the Sheffield Doc/Fest Alternate Realities exhibition, which premiered at the internationally renowned documentary festival in June.

The exhibition is free but booking is required for one-to-one augmented reality installation Terminal 3.

Exploring the themes of borders, identity, and loss, the works each show how immersive and interactive technologies enable us to interpret and engage with socio-political infrastructures, storytelling and the interface of physical and digital worlds. Each work uses a different technological platform to explore the ideas – gaming, AR, social media and interactive installation.


Terminal 3 – Augmented Reality (age 13+)
Explore contemporary Muslim identities in the U.S. through the lens of an airport interrogation. Step into the uncanny to directly interrogate, and determine the fate of, the hologram passenger before you.
Project Creator: Asad J. Malik
Producers: Jill Klekas, Jake Sally, Nigel Tierney, Zeda Stone
Duration: 12 min
Booking required

Belongings – Interactive Installation (U)
For many in the developed world, life can be consumed with material objects. But what if you had to flee your homeland forever? What’s the one item you couldn’t live without? The subjects of this immersive installation were faced with that very decision.
Project Creators: John-Paul Marin, Matt Smith, Tea Uglow, Kirstin Sillitoe
Producers: Megan Gibbon, Jonathan Richards
Duration: 20 min

Where is Home? – Interactive Documentary, Instagram (U)
A journey through West Africa that asks the simple question. What is home? This Instagram-based project reveals a complex range of thought provoking answers, and interrogates people’s understanding and experiences of a fundamental concept that’s often taken for granted.
Project Creator and producer: Ifeatu Nnaobi
Duration: 30 mins

The Loss Levels – Game (U)
A deeply personal yet playful collection of fifteen experimental narrative arcade games that narrate the artist’s experience in 2017 when he lost his brother in the Manchester Arena terror attack.
Project Creator and producer: Dan Hett
Duration: 4 min

On 18 September Dan Hett will be in conversation with Sheffield Doc/Fest about his work. Get your ticket here.

You can read more about Alternate Realities at Sheffield Doc/Fest in this conversation between Lighthouse’s Artistic Director/CEO Alli Beddoes and Brighton Digital Festival Director Laurence Hill.

Alternate Realities Touring Exhibition 2018 will travel to the Barbican, London (20-27 August), Lighthouse as part of Brighton Digital Festival (22-30 September) and to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford (5-14 October), in the lead up to and during the Widescreen Weekend. The UK tour is being support by Arts Council England as part of Doc/Fest’s newly acquired National Portfolio Organisation funding, and presented in partnership with each of the venues involved.



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