Phife Dawg (middle), influential member of A Tribe Called Quest, passed away at 45 last week
Phife Dawg (middle), influential member of A Tribe Called Quest, passed away at 45 last week


26 April 2016

Viral Radio is our monthly show on Resonance Extra that presents tracks by the rising stars of the deep web and explores the culture of music for clubs, galleries and games. In the third episode, Juha plays new tracks from Anohni, Chino Amobi, Fatima Al Qadiri, Amnesia Scanner, AGF and many more.


0:00 Phife Dawg Talks Lyrics & the Youth Movement in 2000 Interview on MTV News (YouTube)
1:42 Solar Bears – Persona (Sunday Best Recordings)
5:13 Amnesia Scanner – AS Chingy (Young Turks)
7:33 AGF – Time_ish (unreleased)
9:27 Chino Amobi – Rotterdam (NON)
12:08 Kufura – Don’t steal my glory (unreleased)
14:23 Sami Baha – Still (forthcoming Planet Mu)
16:10 Amnesia Scanner – Atlas (Young Turks)
20:49 Tim Hecker – Obsidian Counterpoint (forthcoming 4AD)
25:45 J.G. Biberkopf – Liberation of Eros (forthcoming Knives)
29:03 Yves Tumor – Limerence (Dogfood)
34:32 Anohni – Drone Bomb Me (Secretly Canadian)
38:37 Tim Hecker – Voice Crack (forthcoming 4AD)
41:52 Oneohtrix Point Never – Freaky Eyes (WARP)
48:09 Fatima Al Qadiri – Blows (Hyperdub)
51:23 Yves Tumor – Blood & Innocence (Dogwood)
56:14 Why Be – Less Perfect Condition (YB Forcing A Baby Outta Ecco2K & Lexxi) (unreleased)
58:07 Gaika – Bohdy Knows At 90 (Soundcloud)
1:02:17 Be-Bop – Versace Tears (mixtape)
1:05:32 Tarentino – Fat Fool (mixtape)
1:08:30 Shalt – Unconfined (Astral Plane Recordings)
1:12:28 Ling – Thuril Whir (Codes)
1:18:13 Gazelle Twin – Phobia (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)
1:21:00 Lotic – Trauma (Tri Angle)
1:24:19 Fatima Al Qadiri – Power (Hyperdub)
1:28:59 Endgame – NXN XX (Purple Tape Pedigree)
1:32:23 Fatima Al Qadiri – Oubliette (Hyperdub)
1:36:15 Sami Baha – Dough (forthcoming Planet Mu)
1:37:49 PYUR – Allness (unreleased)
1:42:36 Ana Caprix – Flashlite (feat. I-Octane) (self-released)
1:45:48 Angel-Ho – I Dont Want Your Man (Keyshia Cole Remix) (NON)
1:48:50 Amnesia Scanner – AS Wood Gas (Young Turks)
1:50:21 Paul Jebanasam – search another 3Hφ˙ = lose you i), place i=0 doubt I V (φ) am ∝ exp( √ 16π to meet you again pm2 P φ (Subtext)



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