Yon Eta at Progress Bar, Amsterdam. Photo: Pieter Kers
Yon Eta at Progress Bar, Amsterdam. Photo: Pieter Kers


12 September 2016

At this year’s edition of The Long Progress Bar, we’re asking a new generation of thought-provoking artists, activists and academics to explore the question: what is progress?

In this edition of View Source, Dutch composer Maarten Brijker (aka Yon Eta) responds to the question with a world that overcomes binary thinking, a possible post-capitalist future, and the distorted realisation of a hyper-surreal dream.

Yon Eta will be DJing at The Long Progress Bar on 8 September at Brighton Dome Studio Theatre.
Yon Eta takes a maximalist approach to sound while consciously striving to limit the options in the production process. The Amsterdam-based composer and DJ runs the DEVORM imprint, offering artists the opportunity to challenge their musical ideas. In recent years he has released audiovisual works in collaboration with FOAM, EYE Film Institute and Freeform Festival. He has won major awards at De Grote Prijs van Nederland (2010) and the Berlin Music Video Awards (2013).

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#ACCELERATE MANIFESTO for an Accelerationist Politics

“The ACCELERATE MANIFESTO by Alex Williams and Nick Srinek sketches out a possible post-capitalist future, without losing some of the good things capitalism brought us. It’s about basic income, about full automation – a refreshing and utopic left wing counterpart to the 90’s right-accelerationism movement depicting a technological singularity. Highly interesting and relevant topic and the main inspiration for my recent research.”

DJ RASHADSHE A GO (fan-made getty images video)

“This funny and clever fan-made video for DJ Rashad’s She a Go is made entirely with subtly distorted getty images. Watching it feels somewhat like a jolly realisation of the hyper-surreal dream you are dreaming, we have been dreaming. Smoke selling capitalism, she a go.”

RECENT HORIZON ☯ Elysia Crampton x Timur Si-Qin

“Beautiful audiovisual work from one of my favourite artists of all time. Elysia creates a world that overcomes binary thinking with the most honest and pure energy. Progress is viewing horizons as a non-necessity, but without losing awareness of, or reference to, their existence. They are horizons, but merely recent horizons.”

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