Gaia: The Birth of an End, by Kirsty Mitchell
Gaia: The Birth of an End, by Kirsty Mitchell


06 July 2016

On Thursday 7th July, we’re holding a special Graphic Novel edition of Progress Bar to share the work David Blandy and Daniel Locke have been doing on their Lighthouse and Wellcome Trust supported graphic novel, Out of Nothing. They’ll be joined by special guest – and award-winning comics creator – Karrie Fransman, and David will be playing a DJ set from the history of hiphop. So for this View Source, we asked them to pick out some of their favourite graphic novels, comics, anime, music and other sources of inspiration to share. There are some gems here, so enjoy...



A recommended comic or graphic novel
‘The Black Project’ by Gareth Brookes is one of my very favourites. It’s a story about a boy who builds himself DIY girlfriends and it is told using embroidery and illustration. Beautiful and dark.

A technique book
I don’t read technique books as such, but I love to watch time-laps videos of people creating things on Youtube. Here are some good ones:

- Making dinosaurs
- Beautiful Costume Making
- Model Making

A great manga film
My favourite Anime is Spirited Away, obviously. It is like the Japanese Alice in Wonderland. But if you’ve not seen it then do check out Pom Poko – a children’s cartoon about racoons using their testicles to shape-shift. Except the English subtitles refer to them as ‘racoon pouches’ so as not to upset anyone.


A recommended comic or graphic novel
There are so many great and little know comics out there it’s really hard to choose just one. So I’ve picked three books that had a big impact on me at different times of my life.

Concrete Think-Mountain by Paul Chadwick was a monthly comic published by Dark Horse Comics in the mid-90’s. It followed the adventures of a man trapped inside an impervious alien body as he becomes involved with an Earth First group. This book, and the short essays by the author that followed each installment of the story, introduced me at the age of 14 to ideas around the natural world, our place in it and how best to go about securing political change.

Phoenix by Osamu Tezuka. I first read this whilst studying Fine Art at the Slade School. These books more than any others, convinced me to refocus my practice away from video and onto comics. An incredible epic story that spans time and space. Both David and I have pointed to the books in this cycle as an influence on ‘Out of Nothing’.

Naming Monsters by Hannah Eaton. Hannah is a Brighton-based artist, and this is her first book. It confidently interweaves folk tales and cryptozoology with a coming of age story, and all complemented by Hannah’s beautiful drawings. A brilliant book.

A current exhibition
An exhibition that I’m looking forward to is A New Childhood: Picture Books from Soviet Russia

A great anime
More subtle than some, but a masterpiece, would be Graveyard of the Fireflies, a portrait of two children living in the devastation of post war Japan. I honestly can’t think of a more human and heart-breaking statement against war.


A source of inspiration
Rosalind Franklin was a large part of the inspiration for the book, as her story of being a key member of team that discovered DNA emphasising the idea that ground breaking discoveries come from teams rather than individuals, from collective endeavour rather than individual genius.

A favourite hip hop track

Grandmaster Flash: The Message. One of my all time favourite hip-hop tracks, a portrait of life in early 80’s New York, an old school classic.

Don’t forget to pick up a ticket to see Karrie, Daniel and David here.




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