Yon Eta. Photo by Soraya Brouwer.
Yon Eta. Photo by Soraya Brouwer.


31 August 2016

A special mix created for the Long Progress Bar 2016 by The Hague-based DJ and producer Yon Eta.

Amnesia Scanner – Habitat from Angel Rig Hook
HKE – Dream
Yoko Kanno – Ghosthack
Fatima Al Qadiri – Endzone
M.I.A. – Borders (accapella)
Lotic – Feign
G. Holst – Neptune, the Mystic
The Punishment of Luxury – FAL (Holly Herndon x Edward Snowden Freak a Mix)
J.G. Biberkopf – Spirit
Zutzut x Lechuga Zafiro x De La Guetto
¬ b (fka Lee Bannon) – 3m2-disc 1
Dj Mabheko – Syagwaba (704 Gqomu)
Why Be & Elysia Crampton – Irreducible Horizon
TCF – DB 9F 72 A8 B4 1C 62 8A 3C 96 22 8B 5B 03 23 6F 81 16 64 76 3E 0A D8 16
Ital Tek – Reflection Through Destruction
Regis – Blood Witness
Violence – Psycud
808 Mafia – Be-Bop-Mission
Rabit – Glass Harp Interlude
Jlin – Infrared (Bagua)
Mala – Changes (Harmonimix Refix)
TCF – 54 C6 05 1C 13 CC 72 E9 CC DC 84 F2 A3 FF CC 38 1E 94 0D C0 50 5C 3E E8
Rabit & Elysia Crampton – After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa)
x/o – crim.luna
Ital Tek – Vacuum I

Yon Eta will be performing a DJ set at The Long Progress Bar, alongside GAIKA (DJ set), Nkisi (DJ set), Ital Tek (live) and Drill Folly (live).

The Long Progress Bar
A one-day festival of talks, screenings and music, The Long Progress Bar celebrates radical imagination and explores new methods of empowerment, collective action and technological progress. This year, we zoom in on the platforms, interfaces and resolutions needed to build a better future and ask a new generation of thought-provoking artists, activists and academics: what is progress? Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, 8 September 2016.

Progress Bar Mix Series
More mixes from Daniel W J Mackenzie, Drill Folly, Meljoann & Scout Hardcastle, and Arnod Vorrzpkngrrr.



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