RAM House created by Space Caviar (Simone C. Niquille and Joseph Grima) and PROKOSS. Photo © Delfino Sisto Legnani
RAM House created by Space Caviar (Simone C. Niquille and Joseph Grima) and PROKOSS. Photo © Delfino Sisto Legnani


12 June 2015

Progress Bar brings together some of the most vanguard contemporary artists, musicians, producers and designers in a single evening of inspiring conversation and cutting-edge music.

Architect, writer and researcher, Joseph Grima  © Victor Jeffries
Architect, writer and researcher, Joseph Grima © Victor Jeffries

For the June Progress Bar we present a supercharged edition with six special guests – three amazing music producers, Lotic, Vessel and Arnod Vorrzpkngrrr, and three distinct and innovative designers, Yemi Awosile, Simone C. Niquille and Joseph Grima.

Our Comms Coordinator Aleida talks to Artistic Director Juha about the “mind-boggling resumé” of special guest Joseph Grima.

How did you first come to hear about Joseph Grima?

Not really sure. Joseph is one of those people whose name you see pop up in the weirdest and most fun places. Such as unMonestary, and the New Museum. But I think it was when he was editor-in-chief of the famous design magazine Domus, and the connection came through following our mutual friend Dan Hill on Twitter. As happens with a lot of people we end up working with, I first follow them on Twitter, and then often meet them at festivals or events with a shared interest. Joseph and I met for the first time late last year at Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam, and I am extremely happy he can join us in Brighton already.

What is it about his work that resonates with what Lighthouse is doing?

His ethos, and the way he goes about things. Joseph seems genuinely interested in finding better models for connecting people and improving the world.

Why is he such an important figure within design and architecture today?

His connectivity and his generosity towards his network, sharing the work he admires through the various streams he is part of, combined with the fact he is tuned into the present, and he is able to deliver. He gets the job done. His resumé is mind-boggling: curator of the first Istanbul Design Biennale, Director of the successful bid for Matera as European Capital of Culture in 2019, director of Storefront for Architecture, etc.

What in particular do you want to discuss with Joseph Grima at Progress Bar on 4 June? And what will he be showing us?

Amongst others, he will be showing his recent work RAM House, which is a “domestic prototype that explores the home’s response to a new definition of privacy in the age of sentient appliances and signal based communication.” I am sure he will talk a bit more about Space Caviar and their projects. My question to him will be if he sees viable alternatives for designers and artists to either the venture-capitalism of Silicon Valley, or the commodified luxury of Milan and Basel.

You’ve also invited fellow Space Caviar member Simone C. Niquille to speak alongside Joseph Grima. What is Space Caviar and what will they be discussing?

Space Caviar is a design research collaborative based in Genoa, Italy, operating at the intersection of architecture, technology, politics and the public realm. I’d love to hear Simone talk about her video work Fortress of Solitude, and her interest in “networked optics, private spaces and facial economies.”


Joseph Grima is a guest at June’s Progress Bar on Thursday 4 June 2015.

What is Progress Bar?
Progress Bar is a monthly event that offers insight into the creative practice of contemporary culture’s most exciting names. From vanguard filmmakers and musicians to trending artists and activists, Progress Bar is an ear-to-the-ground evening of new art, new music and, hopefully, new friends.

June Progress Bar guests
Talks – influential designer, architect, writer and researcher Joseph Grima; graphic designer and researcher Simone C. Niquille; and textile designer Yemi Awosile.

Live – three of the most innovative and radical music producers today, Vessel, Lotic and Arnod Vorrzpkngrrr.

Find out more and buy tickets here: June Progress Bar



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