DJ, producer and recording artist, Meljoann, finding her groove at the fair
DJ, producer and recording artist, Meljoann, finding her groove at the fair


13 April 2015

Each month, we ask a Brighton-based producer/DJ to create a special mix. May's Progress Bar DJ, Meljoann, tells us about her mix, her music and her alter ego, Scout Hardcastle.

Describe the mix?

This mix is a battle between Meljoann (my name, under which I release vocal-led, poppy stuff) and Scout Hardcastle (a twit who inhabits my body in order to release off-putting, scary dance music). It’s punctuated by some noisy Noise, and some pointless ad breaks (shilling for Scout’s many product tie-ins – unfortunately all of these “deals” have occurred only in his mind and are, sadly, completely unpaid).

So Academic: Meljoann’s “vocal-led poppy stuff”

What kind of music do you produce?

The list ends up embarrassingly long, when I try to list genres I’m into, and I look like a nerdy smug twat… Reviews can give radically different descriptions of the same record. For example, I’ve been (flatteringly) compared to both Janet Jackson and Aphex Twin, so it looks like most people hear these two dominant influences: R&B and/or electronic dance music.

What do you think about the scene in Brighton?

I absolutely love Brighton, and feel like I’ve only dipped my toes into the scene here. Gone to some excellent gigs (the Spirit of Gravity night is always great, for example), but I’m mostly hid away in my studio working on the next album. Luckily for my mild agoraphobia, I’m also part of this loose Voyder collective, so I can get in on lots of interesting things my friends are doing (some gorgeous hard noise/beats releases on the label, a very fun Voyder night, everyone’s gigs, and various tasty noise jams). I’m hoping to get in some of the Brighton Early Music Festival too.

What are you planning for May Progress Bar, on Thursday the 7th?

I’m going to do one set as Meljoann, I think at around 6:30pm, and then another one as Scout Hardcastle later in the evening – when hopefully people are too drunk to be offended by his strange, rude, and deluded self-aggrandizing behaviour. Apologies in advance for this.

You can listen to previous mixes on our SoundCloud.

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