Staff and board members celebrate Lighthouse's 25th Birthday
Staff and board members celebrate Lighthouse's 25th Birthday

Our 25th Birthday Celebration

12 September 2011

By Honor Harger, Director, Lighthouse. On Wednesday 31 August 2011, Lighthouse turned 25.

Anthony Lilley
Anthony Lilley

To mark a quarter of a century, we invited staff and board members, past and present, and a few of our friends and colleagues to celebrate with us.

It was an opportunity for us to look back on what we’ve done over the past quarter century – and we were very fortunate to have Jane Finnis, a past director of Lighthouse, with us, to help us do that. But also just as importantly, we looked ahead to the immediate future.

Our party was on the eve of the launch of Brighton Digital Festival, a month long celebration of digital culture, put together by Brighton’s vibrant digital community. The festival has been bootstrapped by an amazing group of designers, developers, artists and tech companies, including our friends, Clearleft, and we were pleased to welcome their dConstruct 2011 crew to our event.

We previewed some of the projects that Lighthouse is presenting at the festival: A Machine to See With by Brighton’s digital heroes, Blast Theory, which you can experience using your mobile phone on the streets of Brighton over the next three weeks. And Black Rain by Semiconductor, which is showing in our stunning new exhibition we’ve curated at Phoenix Brighton, called Solar Systems

We also hosted live AV sets using Processing & PD, by Bartosz Dylewski and Barry Prendergast.

And of course no 25th birthday would be complete without a makeover! So we unveiled our new look and feel, plus our new website. We love the work that our designers, dandelion & burdock, have done for us, and were pleased to have them with us.

So all and all, a good way to mark 25 years of working at the interstices between art and technology.



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