Helen Dewhurst and Jeph Vanger
Helen Dewhurst and Jeph Vanger


29 January 2020

As part of the Re-Imagined Residency programme, artists Helen Dewhurst and Jeph Vanger have been developing their project Songs of the Edge. The work uses sound to explore immigration, borders, and architecture.

We are very pleased to be spending time at Lighthouse as part of the Re-Imagined Residency. As a new collaborative partnership, we are utilising this period at Lighthouse to undertake an early phase of research for our project Songs of the Edge.

Our aim for this residency period, is to reflect on the boundary of Europe and how this is experienced in the current political climate. Working with locations where issues of immigration, asylum and migration are felt acutely, we are investigating elements of political architecture through sound, particularly approaching sound recording as a form of ‘bearing witness’.

Utilising experimental recording techniques and spatial audio, we are reconsidering the idea of the immersive experience, exploring the tactile quality and physicality of sound. Through developing early-stage interactive structures, we are experimenting with methods of translating physical interaction into sonic response, engaging potential tools for improvisation and collaborative co-creation.

The project considers changing policies towards refugees and migrants across Europe, particularly experiences of immigration detention both in the UK and southern Europe, as well as wider pressing political and psychological considerations around ‘opening up’ or ‘closing off’. We are interested in ideas of social responsibility, in re-imagining the boundary of Europe and the possibilities of how this could sound into the future.
Helen Dewhurst is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and creative technologist, based in Brighton.
Jeph Vanger is a sound artist and designer based between London and Greece.

Re-Imagine Europe is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Re-Imagine Europe is initiated by Sonic Acts (NL) and coordinated by Paradiso (NL) in collaboration with Elevate Festival (AT), Lighthouse (UK), Ina GRM (FR), Student Centre Zagreb / Izlog Festival (HR), Landmark / Bergen Kunsthall (NO), A4 (SK), SPEKTRUM (DE) and Ràdio Web MACBA (ES).




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