Screenshot of Anjin, the game
Screenshot of Anjin, the game

Making Game Jam

07 March 2013

An intense and incredible day to kick off my final week as artist-in-residence at Lighthouse, by David Blandy

Anjin's ship in the Edo Wonderpark Universe
Anjin's ship in the Edo Wonderpark Universe

Spent a very intense Saturday with Genevieve Smith-Nunes and a bunch of committed coders trying to turn Anjin the concept into Anjin the Game, with some success…

It still needs a fair bit of work on the game mechanics, but the look and feel that was possible in a day’s work was incredible, using the awesome Unity3D engine.

Unity themselves were great, having two people to assist us on site, and an individual coder who has just released a package for Unity, “Space for Unity”, joined us through a Google Hangout to smooth over some noob errors I was making.

All in all, an amazing day.

David Blandy is artist-in-residence at Lighthouse as part of Brighton Science Festival. Blandy will be working with biologist Adam Rutherford, illustrators, Daniel Locke and Inko, and creative technologists on the creation of protoypes, storyboards, sets, and visualisations. Blandy will be working on two major projects: Helix, a collaboration with Adam Rutherford that will look at the history and discovery of DNA’s structure; and Anjin 1600: Edo Wonderpark, which turns a 17th century sea voyage into a space odyssey adventure.

See the latest pictures from the residency here:

His studio at Lighthouse is open to the public on 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28 February and 1, 2 March from 12 – 5pm throughout the festival. Find out more here



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