Hugh Garry of Storythings
Hugh Garry of Storythings

Lighthouse Lightning Talks: Hugh Garry

09 January 2015

In the first of our new series of short video interviews, Hugh Garry of Storythings tells us how content creators can get the most out of their stories...

How can content creators tell their story across different platforms before they’ve even made it?

Is it really just about marketing, or is it more than that?

How important is collaboration in that process?

Hugh Garry was a speaker at our reFRAMED 2014 conference. Matt Locke of Storythings will be leading a session for our newly launched Platforms programme, a training scheme and residency for filmmakers and creators planning to use the web to make, sell, or distribute their work, grow and reach an audience, and collaborate with those working in other disciplines.

Platforms is part of Lighthouse Studio programme, and is for practitioners from all disciplines, particularly those about to embark for the first time on a project with web-based elements, whether that be cross-platform storytelling, crowd-funding campaigns, online distribution, or building communities

About our Platforms Residents



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