The Quest for Drosophila Titanus - Andy Gracie
The Quest for Drosophila Titanus - Andy Gracie

Laboratory Life in Hong Kong

22 November 2011

Laboratory Life goes on tour to Hong Kong, as part of Microwave, the International Media Arts Festival. This year’s edition was entitled Alchemy, with arts and media labs from all over the world coming together to show what can be done when you mix up art, science and technology to produce new, exciting states of making. By Jamie Wyld, Programme Curator

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Earlier this year in February-March 2011, Lighthouse, The Arts Catalyst and artist Andy Gracie produced Laboratory Life, working with five lead artists and 16 collaborators, making an art-science laboratory out of Lighthouse. The five lead artists developed proposals for five laboratories: The Quest for Drosophila Titanus by Andy Gracie, Garden Shed Lab by Kira O’Riley, Infective Textiles by Anna Dumitriu, The Public Misunderstanding of Science by Bruce Gilchrist and Tattoo Traits by Adam Zaretsky.

Following an invitation by Microwave Festival to take the exhibition of work that resulted from Laboratory Life to Hong Kong, Andy Gracie and Lighthouse’s Programme Curator, Jamie Wyld (me), flew to Hong Kong to set up the exhibition and presented two talks to Hong Kong audiences. Between 05 and 13 November, Laboratory Life was on show, and drew numerous curious questions from our Hong Kong colleagues and audiences, which both Andy and I were happy to answer.

Our visit also enabled us to make great connections with the other labs involved, which included our colleagues Time’s Up, as well as the Swiss Artists in Labs and UCLA’s Art-Sci lab. All the labs involved were invited to take part as they were all focusing on the theme of artists, technologists and scientists working together, in the aim of re-thinking approaches to creativity, practice and social development. Microwave is Hong Kong’s major festival in digital and media arts.

You can see all the photos from the tour here



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