Juha's set visit to The Sprawl studio during Benjamin H. Bratton's interview
Juha's set visit to The Sprawl studio during Benjamin H. Bratton's interview


10 August 2015

As a festival of radical imagination, a gathering of international artists and creative thinkers, Amsterdam-based design and research agency Metahaven are a fitting choice for The Long Progress Bar, this September. Here, Juha, the festival’s curator and Artistic Director at Lighthouse explains the importance of their work and what they will be doing at the event.

Metahaven, anarcho-crypto design outfit from the Netherlands.

They are amongst the best sensors of the zeitgeist. Their book Can Jokes Bring Down Governments? is a must-read for anyone interested in geopolitics, conflict and memes. Their recent videos Black Transparency and City Rising are important investigations into politics, affect and social media. Their source material is dark and confronting – from ISIS HD videos to the drone industrial complex – which is why their work is so humorous and compelling: it transgresses the subject to create important stories. So too does their current project, The Sprawl, a work comprised of a series of videos on the geopolitics of the internet, which we co-commissioned with The Space.

An exclusive for The Long Progress Bar, Metahaven will shows scenes from The Sprawl on Day 1. On Day 2, they will give a workshop based on this work, addressing the subjects of art, activism and memes.


Also Introducing… Jam City (UK) / Guy Standing (UK) / Holly Herndon (US) / Lars TCF Holdhus (NO) / Zach Blas (US) / Mat Dryhurst (USA) / Kei Kreutler (UK) / David Blandy (UK) / Katrina Burch/Yoneda Lemma (FR) / Diann Bauer (US) / Benedict Singleton (UK) / plus reportage from (g)host Warren Ellis (UK).

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The Long Progress Bar is part of Brighton Digital Festival 2015, a celebration of international digital culture across the city of Brighton & Hove throughout September.



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