TCF “testing tea fabrics” (image from @TCF6edfsdf4c7e7)
TCF “testing tea fabrics” (image from @TCF6edfsdf4c7e7)


07 September 2015

Norwegian artist Lars TCF Holdhus returns to Lighthouse to give a talk and workshop at The Long Progress Bar on 3 and 4 September. Here, our Artistic Director, explains why TCF’s ideas on how to decentralise the online social space must not only be repeated, but taught.

Lars TCF Holdhus, artist and musician exploring themes of code, cryptography and musical composition.

I invited Lars to speak at the very first Progress Bar at Lighthouse in March this year. What he said about the cultural potential of block chain technology (a digital ledger, recording Bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions) inspired everyone who attended: “Currently there are no alternative [platforms on which] to have an active online social life other than a group of American mega corporations,” says Lars. “While there have been several attempts to challenge the position of these corporations, none has succeeded so far.

The economic aspects are often forgotten in the idealism of open source or community driven projects, and the more commercially orientated projects end up in the hands of bigger corporations. While most people have given up on the idea that public life does not need to be streamlined and controlled, I will attempt to present some ideas that can be applied in the near future to start a decentralisation process of the internet.” At The Long Progress Bar, I not only want Lars to tell us about these ideas, but give the audience the chance to workshop them with him, too.

A talk on Day 1 about the above. Day 2 will follow up on Day 1 with a *workshop, plus a selection of teas (to keep your brain active) from Lars’s private collection. Expect to drink tea from the 1990s up to 2015.

In the meantime, you can ask the A.I. Holdhus a question at his TCFX website. But don’t ask “What’s your favourite tea?”, because he’ll just tell you, “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” Wise words.

*Places on the workshop are limited. Those who have bought a ticket for Day 2 will be contacted to secure a place.


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