Introducing: Holly Herndon
Introducing: Holly Herndon


18 August 2015

A familiar face at Lighthouse, we previously supported Holly Herndon in the making of her video for Home, which premiered at our Improving Reality conference in 2014. Here Juha, Artistic Director at Lighthouse, tells us why he’s invited Holly back, this time to talk with fellow participants at The Long Progress Bar in September about, as she puts it, finding “new ways to love”.

Holly Herndon, American electronic music composer and sound artist engaging with real-world social issues.

Her recent album Platform is an outspoken manifesto for love, collaboration and optimism. Her interest in working with not just other musicians, but also with artists, technologists and thinkers makes Holly a role model for the Progress Bar community, and a perfect fit with this year’s The Long Progress Bar vibe. Plus, her performance at last year’s Improving Reality conference was so inspiring that we just had to ask her back. Not to perform this time, but to discuss the themes she addresses in her work with her fellow, like-minded guests.

On Day 1 Holly will be talking with Jack Latham (aka Jam City) and Mat Dryhurst about love and optimism and how that translates in their work. On Day 2, at Lighthouse, she will be in conversation with Guy Standing – and anyone else who would like to join them – about the arts and politics of paradise, which Guy defines as “a Good Society that is egalitarian and liberating”.


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