In Progress
In Progress


13 February 2015

In progress. All of this will make sense one day. By Juha van 't Zelfde.

Drone Theory by Grégoire Chamayou
Drone Theory by Grégoire Chamayou

A blog. With regular updates about what it takes to make Lighthouse. It should be that simple.

Mostly about how it progresses. But I can imagine this will become a testbed for sharing new ideas, reflecting on under-the-radar research, and leaking anecdotes en-route, talking with artists and seeing new works.

This blog will leave a breadcrumbs trail of embeddables that leads to Lighthouse, from Soundcloud and Instagram to YouTube and Vine.

It will be the place for the team to share their insights and for our community to look under the hood of the organisation.

Apologies for the bare look of this first post, I promise it will get better once it, well, progresses.

After a year of thinking about it and not doing anything about it, trying to find my way here at lovely Lighthouse, after a good cup of coffee this morning I decided to just simply start.

Here we go.

All of it will make sense one day when you walk into the Progress Bar, visit Viral Radio or see a video online. Welcome to progress.

Drone Theory by Grégoire Chamayou





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