Wen Wen
Wen Wen


29 March 2017

Brighton–Shenzhen: Innovation Networks

Last week 10 Shenzhen-based makers were announced to take part in three-week residences with some of the UK’s leading makerspaces and creative organisations. At Lighthouse we are delighted to welcome Wen Wen. The other host organisations include FACT, Impact Hub, and Machines Room.

The Hello Shenzhen bilateral exchange programme will build stronger links between UK and Chinese making practices, supporting meaningful collaboration and deepening learning between the two countries. Wen Wen will be recording her journey through blogs, photos and videos. You can find out more about each of the residents here.

The Chinese makers will fly to Edinburgh on 1 March to take part in a Global Maker Event and connect with makers and experts from South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine and the UK, as well as attend Maker Assembly Edinburgh. They will return to Shenzhen on 25 March to take part in celebratory events at the end of the residencies.

About Wen Wen

I am the Director of the Programmes Department, lecturer at the Cultural Industry Research Institute of Shenzhen University. I have a PhD in Creative Industries from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia (2012) and I am a visiting scholar to the Centre for Cultural Science and Technology, Curtin University, Australia (2014). My research focus is cultural and creative industry, urban culture economy and maker culture. I have published a number of SSCI, CSSCI papers, and co-published a work on Creative Economy and Culture: Challenges, Changes and Futures for Creative Industries in English ( Sage, 2015).

Hello Shenzhen is a partnership between the British Council, The Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation and Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab. Hello Shenzhen is the next iteration of the Shenzhen Foundation For International Exchange and Cooperation’s flagship programme Shenzhen Makers@World.

Hello Shenzhen is developed in partnership with Liz Corbin, Institute of Making, UCL and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council



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