Natalia Buckley
Natalia Buckley

Friday Code Club with Natalia Buckley

16 June 2015

Code demystified and future hackers born at Friday Code Club! By Emma Wickham

Natalia Buckley teaches Friday Code Club at Lighthouse
Natalia Buckley teaches Friday Code Club at Lighthouse

We had the first Friday Code Club today with our resident Happenstancer Natalia Buckley. Since Natalia has been encamped within the Lighthouse offices she has enlightened and inspired the Lighthouse team with her working practice and has prompted questions from us like ‘do you think in code?’ ‘can you make a website from just written code?’ ‘what does site architecture mean’ and ’we’d really like to look behind the scenes of the lighthouse website, how do we get in there?’. Natalia quickly realised there was a lot of demystifying to be done and decided that she must share her coding expertise with us and other complete beginners and create the future hackers ….. and thus Friday Code Club was born!!

At the Club there was a mix of people from the Lighthouse team, Mind Orchard and Culture 24 plus a smattering of MA Digital Media Art students and some musicians and artists hungry to learn more about coding. Including myself, a Dreamweaver novice that likes to use the pretty design view in Dreamweaver but as soon as I am forced in to the code to work out why something isn’t working fear and dread fills my soul. I look to Code Club to conquer this fear (and I’m happy to say it already has).

At the first session we learned right from the start, what actually is the internet and how does it all work. We then happily went about vandalising websites with an excellent app called x-ray goggles which lets you see exactly how a website is made and then go right in and change it!! This was our first taste of hacking and was immense fun, everyone’s eyes lit up and there was lots of naughty sniggering … and probably a bit too much Lighthouse website vandilastion, hmmmmm.

We also now have homework, we must do our best vandalisation of a website and then show the group at the next session. Evidence of this homework will be posted on the FCC website so do check back there soon in a week or so to see the labour of our beginners hacking efforts.

Who knew code could be so fun, and empowering! be warned …. your website might be next ;-)



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