David Blandy Artist-in-Residence at Lighthouse
David Blandy Artist-in-Residence at Lighthouse

Explorations into DNA and space - artist residency at Lighthouse by David Blandy

07 March 2013

David Blandy writes about the beginnings of his residency at Lighthouse in which he will collaborate and work on projects that explore the discovery of DNA and metaphorical space exploration. His Studio will be open to visitors throughout Brighton Science Festival

Blandy, Rutherford and Locke in residence at Lighthouse
Blandy, Rutherford and Locke in residence at Lighthouse

So I’ve been setting up the basement studio at Lighthouse for the last week, getting it ready for the rest of the residency. It’s been fun, delving into Lighthouse’s tech cupboard with the able assistance of Phil the technician, digging out the dusty live digital video mixer, along with old CRT tv’s. It’s amazing how fast the cutting edge becomes obsolete.

I’ve just finished a film for my show at Seventeen gallery in London (opens 21st February), so now I’m getting down to the two main projects for this year; The next episode of the series that takes the story of the first Englishman to reach Japan and turns it into a space adventure, Anjin; and the project on DNA, Helix, that I’m doing with biologist Adam Rutherford and comic book artist Daniel Locke.

Inko, the Brighton-based Manga artist and my long-time collaborator, is coming over for the next few days so we can start to generate the 2D characters for Anjin that are going to populate the 3D rendered Edo that I’ve been working on up to this point. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

Working at Lighthouse is a refreshing change from my usual studio, which is normally either my laptop or, when I get to it, my freezing space in Hackney. Not only are there friendly faces when I walk in in the morning, there’s tea and biscuits.

See pictures from the residency on our Flickr page

David Blandy is artist-in-residence at Lighthouse as part of Brighton Science Festival. Blandy will be working with biologist Adam Rutherford, illustrators, Daniel Locke and Inko, and creative technologists on the creation of protoypes, storyboards, sets, and visualisations. Blandy will be working on two major projects: Helix, a collaboration with Adam Rutherford that will look at the history and discovery of DNA’s structure; and Anjin 1600: Edo Wonderpark, which turns a 17th century sea voyage into a space odyssey adventure.

His studio at Lighthouse is open to the public on 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28 February and 1, 2 March from 12 – 5pm throughout the festival. Find out more here:



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