15 April 2015

Research in progress. All of this will make sense one day.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, ’Contra Diction: Speech Against Itself’, part of Improving Reality 2014

Rewatched this powerful performance by Lawrence Abu Hamdan last night. Lawrence speaks incredibly intelligently and from a position of deep understanding about the “Druze” using taqiya to foil ISIS:

“Lawrence Abu Hamdan shares his most recent body of research, which explores the multifaceted relationship between the semantics of discourse, politics, truth, human rights and international law. Exploring our understanding of the voice of the law, and the changing nature of testimony in the face of new regimes such as border control, algorithmic technologies, and methodologies of eavesdropping, Lawrence examines the nature of speech and the consequences of listening. In the words of whistleblower Edward Snowden, whilst speech may be free, the conditions of listening have now certainly changed. Abu Hamdan focuses specifically on taqiya, an Islamic legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can vocally deny their faith, blaspheme or do illegal acts when they are at the risk of persecution or in a condition of statelessness.”

A riveting talk that is a must see.

Fun fact: Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Progress Bar alumna Basia Lewandowska Cummings studied together at Goldsmiths.

By Juha van ’t Zelfde, Artistic Director of Lighthouse.



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