Juha van ’t Zelfde: shedding light on contemporary art
Juha van ’t Zelfde: shedding light on contemporary art


24 July 2015

Renowned de Appel arts centre and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art – the Netherlands' equivalents of London's ICA and Whitechapel Gallery – are running KUNST NU (Art Now), a six-part crash course in contemporary art, from 17 September to 26 November 2015. Lighthouse Artistic Director Juha van ’t Zelfde delivers his crash course on Arts and Technology on 14 and 15 October.

Here, Juha tells us what to expect: "The course is aimed at a general public who would like to learn more about contemporary art since the 60s in an accessible and enjoyable way. It is a very personal appetiser to get people curious to find out more. I think it is really great that these two Dutch institutions, who do not always show the easiest of artworks, are organising such a series. And it is amazing to be involved.

What can you say in 90 minutes? I will try to work back through the history of artists experimenting with new technologies and working with engineers, focusing on personal favourites and epiphanies. Hopefully this course can be a conduit to further exploration, amplifying curiosity and criticism. Examples will be 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, which took place in October 1966; experiments with the internet and the web; and Philippe Parreno’s landmark exhibition Anywhere, Anywhere Out of the World, which might not be directly about technology, but shows the influence of it.

Also, we will address political issues such as the apparent lack of women and people of colour in this specific history, the role of corporations and public institutions, and the decision to work together beyond the limitations of one’s own discipline. I hope people will leave with a sense of wonder and excitement about the powerful, visceral and poetic art we have seen from around the world."


Please note, this course will be held in Dutch.

Other experts delivering a crash course at KUNST NU include Olav Velthuis, professor at the University of Amsterdam, Bart Rutten, curator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Phillip van den Bossche, director Mu.ZEE Oosterende, Belgium. Crash courses are also on Art & Idea, Art & TV, Art & Paint, Arts & Criticism and Arts & Money.

Venue: de Appel Arts Centre, Prins Hendrikkade 142, 1011 AT Amsterdam
Reservations: reservation@deappel.nl
Tickets: € 250; € 40 reduction for de Appel Club Members



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