Dark Garden (film still) - Nick Collins
Dark Garden (film still) - Nick Collins

Cinecity Festival Round-up

16 December 2011

As part of Cinecity 2011 festivities, Lighthouse screened Nick Collins' short film, Dark Garden. We also supported a talk and screening with Andrew Kotting, in collaboration with Cinecity. By Jamie Wyld

On 17 November, Cinecity opened with Steve McQueen’s latest film, Shame, a dislocating, disturbing film that afterwards had everyone sighing deeply into their Jameson’s whiskey cocktails. Shame follows the devastating journey of one man’s addiction to sex; his inability to emotionally connect strays beyond the screen, pervading the viewer, leaving watchers incapable of connecting or feeling empathy with the protagonist.

Lighthouse’s contribution to the Festival, Nick Collins’ Dark Garden, was popular with both experimental film enthusiasts and the public, receiving some excellent reviews. Collins’ film appeared to quiver and float off the screen, its heavy contrasts and deep blacks gave it a dense, rich form. The mesmerising insect clicking of the projector provided the only soundtrack.

We also co-promoted the screening of Andrew Kotting’s latest film, This Our Still Life, a nostalgic look at the Kotting’s on-and-off Pyrenean home of 20 years. Kotting’s daughter Eden is central to the film, seen painting and singing, with Kotting’s thoughts, reflections, and samples from his sound archive creating an atmosphere of introspection and amusement. A humorous and insightful Q&A followed with Gareth Evans in conversation with Kotting, making visible their long-standing friendship.

Cinecity was rich with diverse filmic events, which included screenings of award-winning Ben Rivers’ films Sack Barrow and Two Years at Sea, reinforcing Rivers’ dedication to making resonant, evocative work in film. This ninth edition of the festival sees Cinecity continue to develop and strengthen, and we’re very happy to have played a part in it.

Cinecity: http://www.cine-city.co.uk

Dark Garden, NickCollins: http://www.lighthouse.org.uk/programme/cinecity-dark-garden

Andrew Kotting: http://www.lighthouse.org.uk/programme/talk-screening-andrew-kotting



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