Anna Higgs
Anna Higgs

Anna Higgs on Digital platforms for film makers

27 October 2014

An excerpt from one of the reFRAMED Q&A sessions, where Film4 commissioner Anna Higgs talks about the challenges faced by film makers using online platforms, and how she's addressed them at Film4.

We recently held the second of our reFRAMED series of events, aimed at filmmakers and other content producers using digital platforms and tools to produce and distribute work. We’ll be uploading the films of those talks soon, but in the meantime, we wanted to share a clip from the Q&A session with Anna Higgs of Film4, where she talks about some of the issues that are particularly relevant given our recently launched Platforms studio programme.

Having worked with many film makers, from emerging talent to established names, Anna has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that digital platforms bring. In this clip, she talks about participation, and the pressures that film makers feel when telling stories about their project outside of the narrative of a film.

Drawing on her experience on Loach’s The Spirit of ’45, she addresses the issues of how film makers can square their own voice with that of the audience, without diluting their authorship. And how can film makers create compelling content for distribution alongside a film, when so much of their art is about distilling stories down, and leaving behind ideas that don’t contribute to the story being told?

If you’re a film maker or other creator who’s distributing your work online, or trying to tell a broader story about the making of your project, check out our Platforms programme, that will be supporting 4 creatives as they develop their projects using online platforms to produce or distribute work.

The open call for participants closes on November 3rd.



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