A simple idea becomes new business and art project - introducing Photobot!

20 July 2012

Jamie Wyld helps designer Adam Kemeny in new business venture, helps him leave his day job and realise '“Where’s the art in this?” by Emma Wickham

There’s a lovely blog over on our friends at Wired Sussex’s website written by Adam Kemeny.
Adam explains how a simple photo boothe idea (well simple for him!) that he made for a friends birthday has now turned in to an exciting new business venture resulting in a total change of life, ditch your career, turnaround for him – inspiring stuff!

Adam developed a photo booth idea in to a sophisticated Photobot . The Photobot booth is operated from within with a sound system, using audio voice synthesissing software and since its conception has been touring swish events and parties around the country with top clients such as Vice Magazine, Alfred Dunhill, Diesel and Virgin Media.

Adam now hopes to involve the Photobot idea in a new incarnation WindowBots (a photo booth that will will take your photo through a window and can be interacted with 24 hours a day through Tweets) at the upcoming Brighton Digital Festival.
To do this Adam needed help with funding the project so contacted Jon Pratty at the Arts Council who pointed him in the direction of our very own Jamie Wyld (self confessed grant application form filling magician/junkie). Jamie helped Adam realise the potential in his new WindowBots project and navigated him through a grant application.
Adam writes:
“One of the main shortcomings I felt I had was an ability to clearly answer the key question that Jon said was always asked when they considered applications, “Where’s the art in this?”. He directed me to contact Jamie Wyld at Lighthouse who has been totally invaluable in helping me express my idea and has been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction to get what was initially an intimidating application form complete.”

So allow me to big up my colleague for a moment in helping an Artist to fulfil their dreams – Go Jamie! And wishing Adam the best of luck with the project … I for one am hoping to be pulling some a ridiculous poses through a window at a WindowBot this September at Brighton Digital Festival – fingers crossed!

You can read Adam’s full blog post here



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