08 June 2015

A selection of Soundcloud tracks to warm up for the June Progress Bar.

1. Lotic – Heterocetera (TriAngle)

‘Heterocetera’ is the track that put Lotic on my radar. It represents everything I like about the current mood of underground dance music, from Arca to TCF, via M.E.S.H. and Amnesia Scanner. The rhythms feel like early-AI, the vibe very Voight-Kampff, and the overall energy and ethos extremely critical – and still fun. It’s eXistenZ, District 9 and Children of Men in the form of a rave.

2. Vessel – Red Sex (TriAngle)

Vessel’s humorous hit anthem has been blowing up dance floors across the world. The accompanying video, directed by Harry Wright, is an “homage to seedy amateur porn films, it’s equal parts humour and horror, trading in awkward nudity, hammer licking, soil munching and various man-machine perversions.” Vessel’s live performance is the most physical out there. Or, as Björk tweeted, “hyperphysical”.

3. Lotic – Funny Games (live at Unsound)

“Someone recorded me playing in real-time at Unsound 2014.” Lotic. Hashed under ‘surveillance’, this is a good indication of what we can expect on 4 June.

4. DeadFader – In Cover (Robot Elephant)

Although DeadFader won’t be performing this time, John Cohen is part of the sprawling international scene of industrial producers that has strong connections to Voyder and Brighton.

5. Hthr – TTT (unreleased)

I have no idea who Hthr is, but this track, lifted from Progress Bar Mix 04, is lush. There are hints of Lorn in it, but he sounds more British. Surely he’ll be in the crowd in June, and hopefully on stage in the future.

6. Nolan Dialta – Bodyete (unreleased)

Not sure what people in Brighton have been drinking, or what’s in the water, but there is so much tension and aggression in the music. I love it! This intense stomper by Nolan Dialta sounds like Death Grips playing the MSC Oscar.

7. Microbes – Beyond, Beneath (self-released)

Although Roly Porter was joking when he described his music as ‘power ambient’ at Lighthouse last year, I have to kill the urge to use it for Microbes. Another local arts, from Hove, part of the dark web of producers and performers operating from home studios drip-feeding tracks to Soundcloud.

8. Drill Folly – Third Movement (Wood and Wire)

Sarah Phelan, aka Drill Folly, performed at the second Progress Bar, and made one of the most popular mixes so far. Her music adds lightness to the darkness, as you can hear in Third Movement. It has that same stone-washed drum aesthetic as a lot of the others here, but the melodies are less frantic and manic. Sarah’s a great performer, and it was great to have her Lighthouse earlier this year.

9. OTO HIAX – Lark (free download)

Feels like a secret project, but the two guys behind it are both extremely celebrated musicians. Since I am not sure if they have been doxed, I will not say anything more. Just listen to this track and keep an eye out for their first release under this name.

10. Arca – Thievery (Mute)

What an original producer. Such attractive sounds, such scifi reggaeton, it all feels very Under The Skinny. Arca sums up the three artists on Progress Bar nicely, and I expect to not only hear this track played out loud, but to feel like this for the entire evening.

11. Arnold Vorrzpkngrrr – Progress Bar Mix 04

It is such a pleasure to hear a well-made mix. One of the Arnods, Barry, is a master at mixing the unmixable. Just try to discover the transitions, it’s hard. In their interview, they say the nicest thing that underlines why we do this: “(With) Lighthouse, we have another outpost in the war against normalisation. A space to try and to fail. In other words, to Progress! That’s what the underground needs so much: understanding that we’re trying to move forward and that’s not going to work every time.” Word.

In Progress is written by Juha van ’t Zelfde, artistic director of Lighthouse.



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