Nadia Denton - Business Professional

Mentored by Eddie Berg

What were your reasons for applying to Guiding Lights?

“I had reached a stage in my career where I needed a new development challenge. I had many creative ideas, but was uncertain about how to take them forward as projects. I was also impressed with the calibre of previous mentors and felt certain that participating would enhance my current positioning.”

What have you learnt during your time on the scheme?

“It has boosted my confidence in my creative and technical abilities to a great extent. Whereas in the past I doubted whether or not I was on the right track and whether or not initiatives I had started would be successful, conversations with my mentor have in fact shown me that I know more than I gave myself credit for. It can be easy in this industry to feel unsupported as in many instances your contemporaries may also be your competitors, and people can get caught up with their own projects and become quite introverted. Through our conversations, I have been able to learn from his experiences. It has been nice to know that there is someone to call upon should I need any assistance or advice. It has also been incredibly valuable to have suggestions made about some of the activities that I should consider, which I certainly would not have been thinking of before. It has also been wonderful to be part of a filmmaking network that is quite different from the ones that I have been involved with in the past.”

How has your career progressed as a result of being on Guiding Lights?

“Off the back of this I have started writing a book titled The Black British Filmmaker’s Guide to Success. It is unlikely that I would have written it otherwise. Knowing that I have the scheme to fall back on for guidance and support has been a great motivator.”



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