Laura Smith - Director

Mentored by Oliver Parker

What were your reasons for applying to Guiding Lights?

“I applied to Guiding Lights at a time when I had directed short films, television and developed a number of feature projects with financiers through my own company, either as writer/director or working with other writers. One of these features was moving into late stage development/ pre-production. I hadn’t experienced this stage of a feature project and wanted advice from someone who had but, who was also independent from the project itself.”

What have you gained from being on the scheme?

“Oliver was a brilliant mentor. He could always identify the core issue and give clear advice on how to address it, including many examples from his own experience. I also learned from his approaches to developing his own work as a director, which was very useful as most of the industry development programmes I have been on focused primarily on the script.”

What did you learn during the scheme and what were the highlights?

“I gained greater understanding of moving a project from development into production as well as new approaches to development itself. I also learned from the other participants and hope to work with some of them in the future.”



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