Jack Weatherley – Director

Mentored by Peter Strickland

What were your reasons for applying to Guiding Lights?

“I applied to Guiding Lights at a point in my career when I’d achieved a degree of success with short form work and was being encouraged to think about making features. The scheme offered a great opportunity to be mentored by someone who’d already successfully made this journey. This had massive appeal.

For such a hugely collaborative art form, film can often be quite solitary: lots of time alone developing, writing, musing, pondering. So, another big reason for applying was to meet peers at similar stages in their careers."

What have you gained from being on the scheme?

“Perspective. From Peter, fellow mentees and industry folk at the various training and networking events throughout the scheme. It’s the sort of all-encompassing insight that otherwise would be very hard to come by.

I’ve found the whole experience inspiring, not only being mentored by someone I respect and admire but also from meeting and exchanging ideas with a profoundly talented and interesting group of mentees."

What did you learn during the scheme and what were the highlights?

“So much! Peter was remarkably honest and generous in sharing his experiences and insights and subsequently I feel I now know lots of things to be aware of, which I might never have considered otherwise.

A major highlight has been the general camaraderie and friendship amongst our group. I’m now developing two features with fellow Guiding Lighter Paul Fischer, which I hope will come to fruition soon."



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