Ian Clark - Director

Mentored by Christopher Smith

Why did you apply to Guiding Lights?

“I had applied to Guiding Lights a few years ago but was unsuccessful. However I knew some of the previous mentees and heard about their experiences and decided to try again the following year. At the time of applying I was in a position where positive things were happening in my career. I was shortly to go into production on my first feature – a micro-budget horror for Vertigo Films. I felt that going into this experience with a mentor would be really beneficial – rather than having a relationship based around me shadowing another director, it would be about him advising me on what I was going through.”

What have you gained from being on the scheme?

“The start of the scheme coincided with the start of pre-production on GUINEA PIGS and consequently the two experiences have run side-by-side. It’s been a year of constant learning, as I have been through the whole process of making a feature. My mentorship has been based primarily on Chris helping with specific problems relating to my work. It has been great to have contact with an experienced film-maker who has been through the same experience and who is independent of the film’s production.”



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