Faisal Qureshi - Writer

Mentored by Mark Peploe

Why did you apply to Guiding Lights?

“At the time of applying, I’d already had some ups and down in the industry. I felt having a mentor would be useful as I’d had some unpleasant experiences on two film projects that shook my self confidence and made me question my abilities.”

What did you gain from your time on the scheme?

“I’m still in touch with Mark and we regularly meet up in London. He reads and comments on my scripts which has proved to be very useful. It’s great to be able to learn from a writer who has worked with filmmakers I admire such as Antonioni and Bertolucci. It’s also good to touch base with a fellow cinephile.”

How has your career progressed since the scheme ended?

“I pay the bills lecturing at the Northern Film School and also work as a researcher on Coronation Street. I won the Best Story award for my script, THE FOOTSOLDIER, at the Brussels Film Festival. The script was then selected for development at the Berlin Talent Campus Script Station. Additionally, I was credited as Associate Producer on the film, FOUR LIONS.”



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