David Parker – Exhibitor

Mentored by Mark Dobson

What did you learn during your time on the scheme and what were the highlights of the year?

“Guiding Lights has given me an insight into and understanding of the film industry, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It has shown me how the industry operates as a network, and given me unique access to it. Looking back over the last year, I can see the sum total of the benefits of being part of the scheme. I can trace back many new partnerships, new projects and new directions that my work has taken to introductions, training or connections made whilst on the Guiding Lights programme.”

What impact has working with a mentor had on your work?

“The first meeting with my mentor was so inspiring, and immediately gave me things I could take away and put into action […] Mentoring has enabled me to take a step back from my work and get valuable perspective on my position in the sector. Other times it’s enabled me to really focus in on some matters in detail. I really value and look forward to the ongoing contact I have with my mentor, and feel that our meetings bring about little shifts in my thinking, and offer new ways of looking at things. Mentoring came just at the right time for me, and the experience that my mentor brought to the table was, and continues to be, really valuable. "



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